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Our Story

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logicps hydraulic software solutions

Our founder, who worked in the machine sector for many years, dealt with many monotonous and time-consuming tasks during his working life. These repetitive tasks were demoralizing the job motivation of many employees and creating an unproductive work environment. Our founder was able to achieve faster results by preparing calculation pages with Excel for some of the repetitive calculations, but it was not enough. The next step was to create software that would take the entire process from concept to result with algorithms. Seeing the gap in this area, our founder started offering solutions with Logic PS that would save engineers from monotony.

What makes us and our brand unique is that our founder and team members have experienced the problems in the industry themselves and aim to offer solutions to users with their expertise in these areas. At Logic PS, our founder and team members see it as their responsibility to offer these solutions to users.

As Logic PS, we will continue to offer solutions in the market as we progress towards becoming number one in this sector. In this age of digitalization, we will continue to offer solutions as Logic PS.

Customers should choose us because our founder and team members at Logic PS have a structure that quickly understands the needs of their customers and offers the right and fast solutions with their years of experience in this field.

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